Founded in 1995, Survivors of Suicide of Northeast Florida (SOS) is a nonprofit organization that provides support to families, friends, and those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Our mission is to guide, educate and support survivors through the healing process.

The stages of grief that survivors experience are difficult and painfully unique to them. First of all, they need to talk about the suicide and what has happened until the words begin to make sense and seem believable. Next, they need to express the powerful emotions that they are feeling so that the healing process can begin. And finally, they must make meaning from their loss and learn to celebrate their loved one's life rather than dwell on the method of their loved one's death.

SOS is a group of people who understand your pain because we, too, have been there. You are not alone. We are truly sorry for your loss and we invite you to attend our meetings. Please call us at (904) 868-5156.

Deborah Davis
Executive Director